How do I select a new primary carrier?

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f a carrier rejects their award, a mceclip1__20_.png will display next to the lane. The lane will re-open on the RFP for you to award the lane to another carrier. This article will cover selecting a new primary carrier when an award is rejected.

1. Click the lane consisting of the rejected award response to open the Routing Guide. A message will be prompted under Results that one or more carriers rejected their awards.



2. Select a new primary carrier for the lane:

  • Under Bids Received, click mceclip7__2_.png next to the new primary carrier


  • Or under Results, next to one of the primary/backup carriers > Promote to Primarymceclip4__4_.png

3. A pop-up window will appear. Enter the award volume for the new primary carrier and select the award acceptance deadline for the carrier to respond.



4. Click mceclip6__2_.png The carrier will receive an email with a summary of all their awarded lanes from the RFP at the end of the current day to avoid spamming the carrier’s inbox.

The status of the lane will change back to mceclip9.png , waiting for the new primary carrier’s award response.



After carriers have responded to their rewards and you are ready to finalize your RFP, click mceclip0__30_.png on the upper right corner of the RFP. 


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