How do I award primary/backup carriers on an RFP?

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The final step of the procurement process is to award and allocate lanes to carriers. In ShipperGuide, you can compare your target, live market rate, and short-term contract rate vs. the carrier’s proposed rates with the pricing benchmark feature to help you determine the primary or backup carrier for a lane at the fairest price. 

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View carriers’ bids:

1. On your left dashboard, click RFP Guide.

2. On your bid status dashboard, navigate to Screen_Shot_2022-06-30_at_10.16.23_AM.png bids and click on the RFP.

3. Click a lane to expand the Routing Guide panel to display the lane details, benchmark, and carriers’ rates on the right side of the screen.


If CO2eq Emission is enabled, the estimated CO2eq emission calculation will be displayed under the lane details on the Routing Guide panel.

Under Bids Received, the carrier’s proposed volume, flat rate, and rate per mile for the lane will be listed. As well as the percentage difference between your target, live market, or short-term contract rate and the carrier’s proposed rate will display under the BM% column. Select Your Target RateLive Market Rate, and Long-Term Contract Rate to update the BM%.

This section will also allow you to view the submitted Accessorial rates by clicking on.

Click mceclip1 (18).png next to the carrier to make a counter offer.

pasted image 0.png

To download the bids, click mceclip1__17_.png on the upper right corner of the RFP and select one of the export options.


Award lanes to carriers:

1. Under Bids Received, click the checkbox next to the awarded carrier’s name. 

2. A pop-up window will appear. Select the primary or backup carrier for the awarded lane.


3. Enter the awarded volume and click mceclip0__27_.png. A new section for Results will populate on the Routing Guide.

Under the Results section, Click mceclip1__18_.png next to the carrier to edit the award result, unselect the carrier, or request a new rate. You can also unselect the carrier by clicking on the checkbox next to the carrier’s name under Bids Received.




Send awards to carriers:

1. Click Screen_Shot_2022-06-30_at_10.24.30_AM.png

2. A pop-up window will appear to verify confirmation of the allocated lanes and volumes. Click Screen_Shot_2022-06-30_at_10.25.50_AM.png send award emails to carriers:

  • Awarded carriers for Spot Quote RFPs award responses will be auto-accepted and will receive an email notifying them they have been awarded lanes. Attached to the email is a PDF file for the carrier to view the awarded lane details. 


  • Awarded carriers for all other RFPs will receive an email with a link directing them to the award confirmation page to accept or reject the awarded lanes. Please see How do I accept or reject awarded lanes? article.


  • Carriers not awarded lanes for non-Spot Quote RFPs will receive an email that the bid has closed. If the carrier feedback setting is enabled, the email will contain a link for carriers to view a percentage range of how far their proposals were from your awarded rate to better prepare for future operations.



3. If all carriers have accepted their awarded lanes or if you are ready to finalize your RFP, click mceclip0__29_.png

If carriers have rejected their awards, you can select different primary carriers for the lanes. Please continue to the How do I select a new primary carrier? article.

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