How do I submit a bid for a spot quote?

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After a shipper sends bid invitations, selected carriers will receive an email for participating in the quote. This article will provide instructions on viewing and submitting a bid for a quote.

A login is not required to bid on spot quotes from ShipperGuide shippers.

To view the bid:

1. Click "View Bid Details" on the bid invitation email. 


2. You will be directed to the quote page:


To submit a bid:

1. Enter the proposed flat rate or the rate per mile for the lane. The system will automatically calculate the flat rate or rate per mile if either value is entered.

Flat Rate = rate per mile * miles

Rate per Mile = flat rate / miles


2. If you would like to send any communication about the rate to the shipper, include your comments in the text box under Add notes to Shipper.


3. Once you are ready to submit your bid, click "Submit"


4. A pop-up will appear to verify confirmation to submit the rate. Click "Confirm" to submit your rate for the quote, or click CANCEL to update/withdraw your bid.



The shipper will tender a shipment via email to the awarded carrier. Please take a look at the following article on how to accept or reject a tender.

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