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Updating Users

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This article will cover how to view and update a user's account.

Important: Only managers have access to users' accounts.

To access the users’ list:

On your left dashboard, go to Settings > General Settings > Users


To activate or deactivate a user:

All active and inactive users are listed on this page. You can change the user’s status by clicking on the toggle under Status.

Blue indicates that the user is active image_2021-04-27_104341.png 

Gray indicates that the user is inactive User_Inactive.png


To update the user’s profile:

You can update the user’s name, phone number, and permissions on the user’s profile. The email address is a non-editable field because it is synced to the user’s login. If the user’s email address needs to be updated, send a new invitation link to the user to create a new user account under their updated email address.


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