How do I submit a bid for a spot quote on Loadsmart's mobile app?

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After a shipper sends a quote bid invitation, selected carriers will receive an email/mobile notification for participating in bidding on the quote. This article will provide instructions on downloading and submitting a bid for a single quote on Loadsmart’s mobile app.

A login is required to bid on spot quotes on Loadsmart’s mobile app.

Download the Loadsmart mobile app:

1. If you have an existing Loadsmart account, enter your email and password and click mceclip0__48_.png

Or click Sign up, to create your account.


2. On the Loadsmart app, click Find Loads


3. Click the notifications icon on the top right corner to view active spot quotes. 

Reminder: Enable push notifications to receive alerts on your mobile device for new invites to bid.


4. Active quotes will be listed under Notifications. Click mceclip5__9_.png to view the quote.



To submit a bid:

1. You will be directed to the quote details screen. Click mceclip5__9_.png to enter your rate for the quote.


2. Enter the flat rate. If you want to send notes about your bid to the shipper, include your comments in the text box under Add notes to Shipper.


3. Click mceclip8__4_.png

The shipper will tender a shipment via email to the awarded carrier. Please see the following article on how to accept or reject a tender.

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