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IFTA Report

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The (International Fuel Tax Agreement) requires motor carriers to report and pay taxes for the fuel consumed across states at the end of each quarter. In Carrier TMS, you can easily generate an IFTA report by uploading a fuel card statement and selecting the quarter the report. The transactions from the fuel card statements and the mileage data from the truck’s ELD will automatically calculate the total tax owed/reimbursed for each state.

This article will cover:

  • How to import a fuel card statement
  • How to generate an IFTA report

Import Fuel Card Statement

1. On your left dashboard, go to Reporting > Fuel > Fuel Summary

2. Click Import fuel card Statement

3. Select the fuel card provider or download and fill out the fuel report template.

4. Upload the fuel card statement/fuel report template corresponding to the quarter for the IFTA report.

The transactions on the fuel card statement will instantly upload into Carrier TMS.



Generate IFTA Report

Important: Before generating the IFTA report, ensure the ELD is connected to Carrier TMS. Please see the ELD Integration (pending) articles to connect to one of our available ELD integrations in Carrier TMS.

1. After uploading the fuel card statement, navigate to IFTA Report

2. Select the quarter for the report.


The IFTA report will instantly be generated for the selected quarter. The report will include:

  • Total Miles - calculated from ELD tracking data
  • Total Gallons - calculated from imported fuel card statement
  • Miles Per Gallon - total miles / total gallons
  • IFTA Balance - the difference between tax owed and reimbursed


The IFTA report will also include the following information for each jurisdiction:

  • Fuel Type
  • Distance (Miles) - total miles traveled
  • Taxable Miles - total taxable miles
  • Taxable Gallons - total taxable gallons of fuel
  • Tax Paid Gallons - total paid taxable gallons of fuel
  • Net Tax Gallons - taxable gallons minus tax paid gallons
  • Tax Rate
  • Total Due - the amount owed or reimbursed

3. Click Download Report


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