Approving Load for Invoice

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To show on the Invoices page, the load status must be either:

  • Approved;
  • or Complete (all the segments);
  • or TONU canceled.

The load must also be assigned to a Customer.


To approve a load for invoicing:

  1. On your left dashboard, go to Operations > Loads
  2. Search for the load.

  3. On the top right corner of the load profile page, click on More > Approve Load.

  4. A pop-up window will appear to verify confirmation that you would like to approve the load. Click Approve Load to proceed.

The status of the load will change to Approved


Attention: On the Invoices page, an error status will display under the Documents column if the following load details and documents are missing:

  • Load Reference Number
  • Load Rate
  • Rate Confirmation Document
  • Bill of Lading Document

Just so you know, for the Invoices, Carrier TMS will recognize only the BOL type. So if you use any other - such as Original BOL POD/Signed BOL or Blind BOL - it will show the error status as missing BOL.

Important: Users must have load details and documents to approve and invoice the load. It’s just a warning.


The status will change to mceclip3__4_.png once all the load details and documents have been added. 


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