Automatic Statements

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With Automatic Statements generation, CarrierTMS will generate the statements for your drivers based on the last day of your driver’s working day of the week. 



1. Change your statements generation setting

  1. On your left dashboard, go to Settings >  General Settings > Accounting

  2. On the Statements Generating field, select Automatically.

  3. Select the Frequency (the interval for the automated statements to be generated, weekly or biweekly)

  4. On the Driver's Pay Day field, select the last day of your driver’s working week
    Important: This is not the day that your drivers will be paid. This should be the last day of their working week, and the next day will be the first.

  5. In the popup window that will appear, click Yes, I want to change statements behavior.

  6. Click Save Statement Settings

You may choose if you want the statement batches generated weekly or biweekly in the Frequency field.

You may also click on the switch “Show load amount in statement pdf” to make the following columns appear in your statements and provide more clarity when auditing the statement amounts:

  • Load rate ($)
  • Loaded pay rate ($)
  • Empty pay rate ($)
  • Driver rate ($)

This is how your statement will look like with all the columns: 




2. Generate the statements automatically:

  1. On your left dashboard, go to Accounting > Statements
  2. CarrierTMS generates the statements for all drivers who had a load completed in the period. To check each driver statement individually, click on the week number.
  3. On the week page, select the driver you need. 
  4. In the driver’s statement page, you can add bonuses, reimbursements, deductions and send the statement to the driver.
  5. If there is any wrong information regarding the loads in that statement, you can click on the load number to edit the load.

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