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Adding Driver's Receipt to Statement

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In Carrier TMS, there are a few different ways to add a receipt to the driver's statement to ensure that payroll is calculated correctly.
Drivers can upload a receipt to a load via ELD integration (please see related ELD integration articles below - pending), or accounting users can manually add the receipt to Carrier TMS. This article will cover adding a receipt to a driver's profile and statement.


To add a receipt to a driver's profile:

  1. On your left dashboard, go to Fleet > Drivers
  2. Search for the driver.
  3. On the driver's profile, click Accounting.
  4. Enter the following information:
    1. Receipt date
    2. Description
    3. Category
    4. Amount
    5. Receipt document
  5. Click Upload

The receipt will be added to the driver's profile under the Receipts section. To delete the receipt, click the trash icon next to the receipt.


To add a receipt to the driver's statement:

  1. On your left dashboard, go to Accounting > Statements

  2. Search for the driver's statement.

  3. Navigate to the Receipts section of the driver's statement page.

  4. Click Add Receipt

  5. Upload a new receipt > Click Upload. Carriers can also select an existing receipt from the driver's profile. Once you have selected the receipt, click Add to Statement. 



Driver's receipts are not shown on the Driver's statement. Receipts are for internal use only.

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