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Adding Drivers

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The driver profiles are stored in Carrier TMS for users to assign to trucks and trailers and store information related to drivers. This article will cover how to add a driver in Carrier TMS. If you would like to import drivers' details to Carrier TMS, please see the Importing Drivers article.


We prepared a helpful and short video for you to watch. Take a look:


So, to add a new driver:

1. On your left dashboard, go to Fleet > Drivers

2. On the drivers’ list page, click New Driver on the top right corner.

3. Enter in the driver’s information:

  • Full Name - required
  • Email - required for dispatching load to the driver and sending driver’s statement via email.
  • Primary Phone Number - required for dispatching load to the driver via text. 
  • Secondary Phone Number - information is stored
  • Company Name - information is stored
  • Birth Date - information is stored
  • Hire Date - information is stored
  • Social Security Number - information is stored
  • Address Information - information is stored
  • Fleet ID - hours of service sync
  • Truck Number - information is stored
  • Trailer Number - information is stored
  • Notes - information is stored

4. Optional: Upload driver documents


5. Accounting

  • Payment method: will automatically calculate on driver’s statements. Choose between payment per trip, per mile, per percentage, or per day.
  • Tax Bracket - 1099 (contract) or W2 (employee)
  •  Fuel Card number

  • Add the driver’s deductions and/or bonuses. The charges and/or additional payments will automatically be calculated on the driver’s statement. 

  • Driver’s receipts can manually be uploaded to the system. 

7. Click Save Driver to save the driver's details.


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