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The CarrierTMS Driver App is designed for drivers and is mainly focused on 2-way texting between dispatcher and driver, document/image/file exchanges when picking up or delivering loads, and finding/dispatching loads while on the road.

The app is available to:

  1. Loadsmart Dispatchers
  2. Loadsmart Drivers
  3. Carrier TMS Drivers

It is currently available for download in the app stores of these countries:

  • USA
  • Canada
  • Ukraine
  • Brazil
  • Colombia
  • El Salvador
  • Mexico
  • Philippines

Important: a functional US phone number is required to receive the login magic link.

Important: while the Driver App itself is available for download and usage in the countries listed above, CarrierTMS's area of operation should still be observed.
Please contact our Customer Support, if you need any assistance.


To log in, the driver must download the Loadsmart Loads App on their mobile device (available for Android and iOS) and click on the Drivers tab. Then, they have to enter their mobile phone number - the exact same one that is on their Carrier TMS profile as a Driver.

The driver will then receive a link via SMS on the number provided and once they click on this link, they will be automatically logged into the app.




Uploading documents to loads

The drivers can see either in-progress or upcoming loads on the app and they can instantly photograph and upload pictures/documents to the associated load through the mobile app, which are immediately viewable by the dispatcher in the web app.


As the driver checks in and checks out of a facility, the timeline (the vertical line on the left side of the route) is painted green.

The app also allows drivers to upload multiple pages simultaneously.


Live chat

Live 2-way messaging is also available using mobile network coverage and customer data plans (no SMS costs or integration needed). Messages are saved to the relevant load and archived after delivery for later reference.


If the live chat feature is not available in your account, please request it to our Support Team.

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