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Adding Trailers

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Trailers are stored in Carrier TMS for users to assign to drivers and trucks, and to store information related to trailers. This article will cover how to add a trailer to Carrier TMS. If you would like to add trailers in bulk, please see the Trailers Bulk Import article.


Please watch the video tutorial below. It will give you a clear understanding of how to add a trailer:


Thus to add a new trailer:

1. On your left dashboard, go to Fleet > Trailers

2. On the trailers’ list page, click Create on the top right corner.

3. Enter in the trailer’s information:

  • Registration Number - required
  • Trailer Number - required
  • State - information is stored
  • In-Service Date - information is stored
  • Make - information is stored
  • Model - information is stored
  • Year - information is stored
  • VIN - information is stored
  • Trailer Type - information is stored
  • Trailer Length - information is stored
  • Trailer Owner - information is stored
  • Notes - information stored

4. Optional: Upload documents to the trailer.

5. Click Save to save the trailer details.

Important: The trailer number field can not be changed/updated after a trailer has been added to the system. Please contact the support team for further assistance.


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