Adding Documents to Drivers/Trucks/Trailers

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Carrier TMS safety features allow users to store drivers, trucks, and trailer documents in one platform and set alerts for expiring documents to ensure they comply with federal and state regulations to avoid penalties and fines and keep up to date with truck/trailer maintenance.

This article will cover:

  • Adding/updating a driver, truck, or trailer document
  • Viewing/deleting document revisions
  • Document expiration date statuses and alerts


Adding documents to driver/trucks/trailers:

1. Go to either the driver, truck, or trailer’s documents page

2. Select the document and fill it out

3. Click Create Document


Making changes to the documents:

Click on the button next to "add document". You will be able to fill out the document once again with the necessary changes.



Revision History

All revisions made to the document will be listed on the Revision History page, including when the document was updated and which user updated the document.


To delete document revisions:

Click on the trash icon next to the revision.


Document Expiration Status:

Users will have visibility to the expiration status and deadline of a driver, truck, or trailer document when the Expiry Date w/ Alert field is added to the document with a date.

The red status indicates that the document will expire within the next seven days or less.

The green status indicates that the document is still valid.

In addition, once a document is about to expire, an alert will trigger on the driver, truck, or trailer page.


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