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This article will cover how to access the customer list, manually create a customer profile, and remove customer profiles. In Carrier TMS, users can create customer profiles to store customer information. The stored information automatically populates on the customer’s bill-to-address information when users create new loads and generate new invoices.

We prepared a helpful and short video for you to watch. Take a look:


To access the customers’ list: On your left dashboard, go to Customers > List.

To manually create a new customer profile:

1. Click Create located on the top right corner of the customers’ list page.

2. Enter in the customer information:

  • Company Name - this information will be printed on customer invoices

  • Company Email - this information will be stored

  • Billing Email - this information will be used to email customers’ invoices from Carrier TMS

  • Phone Number - this information will be stored

  • Fax - this information will be stored

  • Address - this information will be displayed under Bill to on customer invoices

  • Motor Carrier Number - this information will be stored

  • Credit Rating - this information will be stored

  • Macropoint ID - this information will be used for MacroPoint integration

  • Federal ID - this information will be stored

  • Factoring - this information will be displayed under Terms on customer invoices

  • Invoicing Method - this information will be stored

  • Notes - this information will be stored

3. Optional: Upload related customer documents, including Insurance, W-9 Form, Operation Authority, References, Setup Packet, and Billing Information

4. Optional: Add additional customer contacts (ex: primary contact representative)

After you have confirmed the customer information is correct, click Submit located on the top right corner of the page. The customer profile is stored in Carrier TMS to create new loads and invoices. Please see the Customers Import article if you would like to upload customers' information.


To remove a customer profile:

1. On the customers’ list page, select the trash icon next to the customer profile(s) you would like to remove from Carrier TMS.

2. A pop-up window will appear to verify confirmation to remove the customer(s) profile. Click Remove.


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