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In Carrier TMS, the bulk import feature allows you to add multiple facilities profiles into the system through a .csv file. You will need to fill out a template file with your facilities’ information and import the data to Carrier TMS via .csv upload. 

This article will cover: 

  • Downloading the facilities' import template file
  • Formatting cells
  • Uploading the import file to Carrier TMS

To download the facilities' import template file:

  1. On your left dashboard, go to Settings > General Settings > Bulk Import
  2. On the Bulk Import page, select the import type Facilities
  3. Download the facilities' import template by clicking on Download Template

The template will be downloaded and saved to your computer under the filename “facilities-import-template”.


To format the facilities' import template file:

  1. Open the facilities-import-template file and delete rows 2 - 4.
  2. Reference the table below of cell formats and required/optional fields while filling out the template.

Important: Please do not change the column header names. Changes to the column headers will prevent the system from matching the correct fields to upload the facilities' data.

Column Name





Facility name

Must contain an alphabetical value



Facility address

Standard address format

Example: 123 Test Street, IL 60608, USA



Facility phone number

Free form text



Latitude coordinate of the facility for precise geofencing

Number format
Example: -84.327024



Longitude coordinate of the facility for precise geofencing

Number format
Example: -88.0686047


Important: Invalid facility addresses will prevent the template from uploading successfully. Please ensure that the address is valid.


To upload the facilities’ import template file:

  1. Save the file as a .csv file.
  2. Navigate back to the facilities’ bulk import page > click Upload File
  3. A list with the facilities’ information from the .csv document will appear at the bottom of the page. Check if everything is correct and click Import Facilities on the top right of the page.

The facilities' profiles will be added in Carrier TMS. If you are experiencing issues uploading the template, please send a copy of the facilities' import template file to the support team for further assistance. 


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