How do I submit a bid on an RFP?

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After a ShipperGuide shipper publishes an RFP, selected carriers will receive an email to bid on the RFP. This article will cover how to submit bids and view the results of an RFP. 

Topics covered in this article:

View the RFP:

Please note that a login is not required to bid on RFPs from ShipperGuide shippers. 

Email - Carriers will receive a bid invitation email containing a unique link directing them to the bid page.

Loadsmart carrier account - The RFP will be linked to the carrier’s Loadsmart account. To login to the account:

1. On your Loadsmart account, go to CONTRACTS > SHIPPERS RFPS

2. You will be directed to the RFP page. Filter the RFPs list to .

3. Click to view the RFP.

The bid details will be displayed on the top section of the page:

The lane details are below which will display the:

  • Origin/Destination - state, city, and zip code
  • Lane ID
  • Total Miles
  • Volume
  • Equipment Type
  • Additional stops between the origin and destination - hover over to view additional stops
  • Notes - clickto expand additional lane notes.


Submit bids:

Please see the Lane Proposal Template article if you want to import your bids.

1. Enter the proposed flat rate or the rate per mile on the lane(s) you would like to bid. The system will automatically calculate the flat rate or rate per mile if either value is entered.

Flat Rate = rate per mile * miles

Rate per Mile = flat rate / miles

2. Enter the proposed capacity on the lane(s) you would like to bid. 

The system will trigger an error if the capacity field is blank or less than 1. Leave the flat rate, rate per mile, and capacity fields empty if you would not like to bid on a lane.

Updates to the lane proposal(s) will automatically be saved to the system to allow users to make revisions until proposals are submitted or the bid deadline ends/closes.

3. If a shipper is requesting accessorial rates to be submitted, there will be a tab next to the Lanes List called Accessorials. Enter your accessorial rates under Rate and any notes for the shipper to review. 

The “Last Rate” column lists the previous rate that was submitted for that respective Accessorial. If there have been any changes to your accessorial rates, they can be added and resubmitted.

4. If you are ready to submit your proposal, click  Or you can click the checkbox next to Auto-submit to save your rates and automatically submit the proposal when the bid deadline ends. 

Important: Proposals that are not submitted will not be considered for bidding. Please make sure to click SUBMIT or AUTO-SUBMIT.

To withdraw/update your offer, click to reopen the bid page. You can only submit/withdraw your bid if the RFP is open and the bid deadline has not passed.


RFP Results:

The shipper will receive the rates and send awards for the lanes. Carriers will also be notified via email when the shipper closes the RFP:

  • Spot Quote RFP awarded carriers’ responses will be auto-accepted. They will receive an email with a PDF attachment for the carrier to view the awarded lane details.
  • Primary/backup awarded carriers for all other RFPs will receive an email with a link directing them to the award confirmation page to accept or reject their awarded lanes.
  • Ranked carriers will receive an email that the bid has been finalized and they have been added to the shipper’s waterfall tendering. The email will contain a link directing them to their lane results page.
  • Non-awarded carriers will receive an email that the bid has ended. If the shipper has enabled carrier feedback setting, the email will include a link to view a percentage range of how far their proposals were from the awarded rate to better prepare for future operations.

Results will also be available on the carrier’s Loadsmart account.

1. On your Loadsmart account, go to CONTRACTS > SHIPPER RFPS.

2. Filter the RFPs by to view the finalized RFPs.

  • Awarded/Ranked lanes will have enabled next to the RFP. 
    • Primary/backup awarded carriers (not including spot RFPs) will be directed to the award confirmation page to accept or reject their awarded lanes.
    • Primary/backup awarded carriers for spot RFPs will be directed to the submitted award confirmation page. Awarded spot RFPs responses will be auto-accepted.
    • Ranked carriers will be directed to their bid page to view the lanes the carrier was added to the shipper’s waterfall tendering. 
  • Non-awarded carriers can click to view their submitted proposals.


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