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Load Statuses

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Load statuses go through various stages, from load creation through execution to delivery. In Carrier TMS, there are six different statuses for the life cycle of the load:



A new load has been created but not assigned to a driver. 


The load was submitted with a unit but hasn't started yet (see Enroute for started definition)

En Route

The unit triggered a geofence in the first segment pickup location, or the dispatcher set the status of the segment manually


The load has left the final destination facility. 

The load marked delivered by the unit triggered a geofence in the last segment drop-off location automatically.


The load was manually approved by the dispatcher. After approval, a paycheck is generated, based on the load data. The paycheck date is the date of approval, not the date the load was delivered


The load was manually canceled by the dispatcher


Segment statuses:

  1. if one segment is active, the load status should become Enroute (active)
  2. if all segments are complete, the load becomes Delivered (complete)
  3. if all segments are waiting, the load becomes Scheduled (dispatched)

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