Adding Segment to a Load

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A multi-segment/stop load is a trip that consists of multiple pick-up/drop-off stops. This article provides information on creating a multi-segment load in Carrier TMS. Before continuing, a load needs to exist to create a multi-segment load. Please refer to the How do I create a load? Article to create the first segment of the load.


To add a segment to an existing load:

  1. Click the Edit icon on the top right of the load's page.
  2. Under Segment 1, click Add Additional Segment.
  3. Under Add Segment 2, enter the new segment information:
    1. Pick-up/Drop-off
    2. Business/Facility Address
    3. Business/Facility Phone Number
    4. Appointment Date and Time
    5. Pickup/Drop off Reference Numbers
    6. Driver, Truck, and Trailer 
    7. Payment type
    8. Notes - internal

Important: If the business profile is stored in Carrier TMS, a list of matching entries will populate as you type in the business location name. If the business is new, the business location will be saved under a new business profile.

After entering the new segment information, the system will calculate the loaded miles. Users can manually update the Loaded Miles field.


4. If the same driver moves the new segment, the driver information from the load will auto-fill the driver detail fields. If another driver drives the segment, enter the driver’s information:

  • Driver’s Name
  • Payment Type
  • Assigned Truck and Trailer Number
  • Additional Driver Pay

Important: If the driver’s profile is stored in Carrier TMS, a list of matching entries will populate as you type in the driver’s name. If the driver is new, the driver’s information will be saved under a new driver’s profile.


The system automatically calculates the empty miles if the load is moved to a new truck connected to an ELD. Users can manually update the Empty Miles field.


5. Optional: Enter the weight (lbs) and commodity.

After you have confirmed the segment information is correct, click Save Segment, then click Save Load. The load route will be updated to include the new segment. To add additional segments, repeat steps 1 - 5.

Important: Any updates made to a load will not save unless you click Save Changes. In addition, segments can be added at any stage of the load.

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