How do I edit a shipment?

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Completely own your shipments with our fully editable Shipment feature!


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Edit Shipments

1. On your left dashboard, click Shipments.

2. Select the shipment you wish to edit, this will open the shipment details page.

3. Click > Edit.


4. Edit shipment details as needed. 

Shipments booked with your carrier network are fully editable regardless of shipment status. All sections of the shipment can be updated as needed. 


5. Click . Shipment updates will be synced to the BOL document. Also, shipment updates will be available on the BOL document on the carrier’s shipment page.

Edit Shipments booked with Loadsmart

Select Shipment fields are editable once a load has been booked with Loadsmart. We advise you to reach out to Support ( or your Loadsmart Representative as soon as possible to edit or update any price sensitive fields.

Price sensitive fields include: Equipment Type, Pickup/Delivery Dates, and Pickup/Delivery Facility.


1. Follow steps outlined in Edit Shipments to edit a booked Loadsmart shipment. 

2. The following Shipment fields can be edited:

  • Freight Information
    • BOL Number
    • PO Number
    • SO Number
  • Commodity Details (Additional Commodities cannot be added)
    • Commodity Name
    • Package Count
    • Package Type
    • Height
    • Length
    • Width
    • Weight
    • Stackable
  • Pickup/Delivery Facility Notes

3. Click .

Edit Shipments in Quoting Status

If editing a shipment in Quoting status, updating price sensitive fields will require the shipment to be re-quoted for the most accurate Loadsmart Instant Book rate.

Price sensitive fields include: Equipment Type, Pickup/Delivery Dates, and Pickup/Delivery Facility.


1. Edit shipment in Quoting status using the same steps under Edit Shipments.

2. Click .


The Shipment List will also enable you to access the Quote Details.


3. From the Quote Details page, select the Loadsmart rate and click .


Please note: The listed price for Loadsmart will not automatically update until it is re-quoted from the Checkout page. The rate displayed on the Quote Details page for Loadsmart after a shipment has been updated will not always reflect the new rate.


4. Click .


5. Proceed to checkout with Loadsmart by clicking or to compare carrier rates. 

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