How do I create a shipment?

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With ShipperGuide you can create, rate, and tender a shipment in a few easy steps! This article will cover how to create a shipment on ShipperGuide.

To create a shipment:

1. On your left dashboard, click Shipments.

2. On the Shipments page, click blobid0 (3).png

3. Enter Shipment Details:

  • Optional: PO Numbers
  • Optional: BOL Number
  • Optional: SO Number
  • Required: Mode
  • Required: Equipment
  • Required: Equipment Length
  • Optional: Hazmat

Equipment Specific Shipment Details - by selecting these equipment types additional detail may be needed

  • Optional: Temperature - if the equipment is set to Reefer
  • Optional: Sub Equipment - if the equipment is set to Flatbed
  • Optional: With Tarp (checkbox) - if the equipment is set to Flatbed

4. Click blobid2 (1).png

5. Enter Transport Details:

  • Required: Pickup and Delivery Facility Addresses
    • Select from an existing facility or

    • Click Add a new facility. All new facilities are saved for future use in within Facilities Management in ShipperGuide. The facility name, address, and hours of operation days are required fields.
      • If creating a new facility, you will have the option to add a new contact after you have click or .

  • Optional: Pickup and Delivery Contact
  • Required: Pickup and Delivery Dates
  • Optional: Pickup and Delivery Notes
  • Optional: Click + ADD STOP to add up to two additional stops between the pickup and delivery facilities.


6. Click blobid2 (1).png

7. Review the shipment details. If you have confirmed the details are correct, click . This will take you to the quote page where you can book with Loadsmart or invite your carrier network to bid. 

If you are not yet ready to get a quote, click . You will be taken directly to the Shipment Details page where you can add your commodities and set up appointments.




After you have created the shipment, you can tender the shipment with the following options:

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