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How do I send a booking offer for a quote?

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In this article we will cover the awarding process reviewing spot and contracted rates from your carrier network. ShipperGuide allows you to share your shipment details with the awarded carrier or opt out and use your own systems. 


This article will cover:


Add Shipment Details

1. After creating a Quote, on the left side navigate down to the Shipment Details. Click “+ ADD”:

  • BOL Number
  • REF Number
  • PO Number - separate multiple PO numbers by commas

*Click to add the reference numbers.


2. Under Files, attach up to three files that will be sent to the tendered carrier.

Carrier Rate Review

From the quote page, choose to toggle between Carrier Rates or Price Comparison views to review rates submitted by carriers.


Sending Booking to Carrier

1. Select the carrier and click .  

If you are selecting the Loadsmart Instant Book Rate, select Loadsmart and click and proceed to the checkout page.


2. A pop-up window will prompt you to confirm the shipment details shared with the selected carrier. 

  • Required: Set Response Deadline - set the number of Minute(s), Hour(s) or Day(s) carriers have to respond to the tender offer.
  • Optional: Share shipment details with carrier - opting to share the shipment details will provide a QR code on the carrier’s ratecon linking the carrier to the shipment details. 
    • Please note: Opting to share the shipment details enables the carrier to upload the shipment POD and the carrier’s invoice.
      • If you opt out of sharing the shipment details, the carrier will not be able to upload their PODs or their invoice documents on the ShipperGuide platform.


3. Click once confirmed. 

Cancel Booking

1. On the quote’s page, click > Cancel Booking


2. The tender will automatically be canceled and the carrier will no longer be able to accept/reject the tender.

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