How do I make a counter offer for a quote?

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On ShipperGuide, you can request a new rate for a quote by counter-offering rates submitted by your carriers. The counter offer feature does not include Loadsmart’s brokerage rates, as Loadsmart offers 100% tender acceptance for quotes.


To make a counter offer:

1. After carriers have submitted their bids for the quote, select the carrier you want to send a counter offer and click COUNTER OFFER.


Counter offer emails will not send if the bid deadline has passed. If necessary, please update the bid deadline before sending carriers counteroffer requests.




2. A pop-up window will appear. Enter your message for the counter offer and click 2.png




3. The carrier will receive an email for the counter offer request. The email contains a link that will direct the carrier to the quote page for them to submit a new rate. 


4. After the carrier submits its new rate, the shipper will receive an email with the carrier’s original and proposed rate for the quote. 


The carrier’s new rate will be available on the quote with the price variation from their previous rate. You can request counter offers from a carrier multiple times.



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