How do I accept or reject a tender?

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After a shipper has tendered a shipment, a carrier will receive a tender via email. The email will contain a link to the Tender Confirmation page and a PDF file of the load details. The tender PDF will also be available to download on the confirmation page.

Please note that tenders expire 72 hours after the shipment has been tendered, and the tender response link will be expired. Please reach out to the shipper or our support team to re-tender the shipment.

To accept or reject a tender:

1. On the tender email, click mceclip0__36_.png

2. On the Tender Confirmation page, click your tender response button. Your response will be sent to the shipper. Please contact the shipper directly if you have any questions regarding the tender/shipment.


After you have accepted the tender, click mceclip0__36_.png to view and manage the shipment. You will also receive an email the same day as the pickup containing a link to the shipment’s details page.


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