How do I bulk invite carriers to bid on quotes?

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In ShipperGuide, you can invite carriers to bid on quotes in bulk with a few clicks of a button! This article will cover selecting multiple quotes to invite carriers to bid.

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1. On your left dashboard, click Quotes.

2. Search and select up to 50 quotes you want to invite carriers to bid. It is recommended to use the search filters to narrow down the applicable quotes.

The following quote criterias will qualify for bulk carrier invite to bid:

  • Mode - FTL
  • Status - Quoting

3. After you have selected the quotes, click ACTIONS > Invite Carriers to Bid.


4. A pop-up window will appear to verify confirmation to invite carriers. Click Untitled.png You will be directed to the bulk invite page to select and invite carriers to bid on the quotes.


The number of quotes does not meet the bulk invite requirements will be listed next to UNAVAILABLE. Click VIEW UNAVAILABLE QUOTES to view the quote invite failure reasons.





Optional: Click + ADD NOTES if you want to add additional information regarding the quotes to send to carriers. The note will apply to all of the quotes.



5. Click Invite to Bid to send a quote invitation to the carrier. Or search and select the carriers you would like to invite to the quotes. 

6. Click Untitled__2_.png to send quote invitations to the selected carriers. 

Invited carriers will receive an email to bid on the quotes. The email will contain a link directing them to the quote page to view and submit their rates for each quote.


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