How do I add check-in/out times for a shipment?

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After carriers have accepted a shipment tender, carriers can access the shipment’s page to enable autonomous tracking, provide pickup/delivery check-in and out times, and view/download BOL and Ratecon documents.

Carriers can access the shipment’s page after they have accepted the tender. Moreover, they will also receive an email the same day as the pickup, and if the shipper requests shipment updates, that will direct them to the shipment’s page.


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Accessing shipments on Carrier Platform

Carriers can view and manage their shipments and provide updates from their Carrier Platform login. 

1. Login into the Carrier Platform.


2. Click from the top right side menu.



3. Depending on the shipment you are updating, click the shipment list you would like to view.

  • Loadsmart Loads: Shipments booked with Loadsmart
  • Shipper Loads: Shipments booked with ShipperGuide shippers
  • Port Drayage Import: Drayage import shipments booked with Loadsmart
  • Port Drayage Export: Drayage export shipments booked with Loadsmart



4. To update the shipments booked with your ShipperGuide shippers, select Shipper Loads.


5. Click on the shipment you wish to update. This will take you to the Shipment Page.



Mobile app shipment tracking

By assigning a driver to a shipment, carriers can enable autonomous tracking from drivers’ mobile devices through one of the supporting tracking applications:

pasted_image_0__10_.png Loadsmart Loads

pasted_image_0__9_.png Trucker Tools

pasted_image_0__8_.png project44

On the shipment page, select or add a driver, then click pasted_image_0__7_.png



The mobile number assigned to the driver will receive an SMS message to download one of the mobile applications to share their location to track the shipment. 

The driver must download one of the supporting mobile applications and allow location tracking on their mobile device to send updates to the shipment on ShipperGuide. If the driver is unresponsive, tracking from the driver’s mobile device will be unavailable for the shipment. 


ELD shipment tracking

Carriers can also enable autonomous tracking from ELD devices with trucks connected to project44. If you are not integrated with project44, click Setup your project44 integration link and follow the instructions to connect. Please contact if you have any questions about the project44 ELD integration. 

Begin typing in the truck number and select a truck, then click pasted_image_0__7_.png



If the truck number is not listed, type in the truck number and add it to your project44 truck list. Please ensure the truck number matches the number registered on the truck’s ELD device.


After a truck has been assigned to a shipment, ShipperGuide will receive the location of the shipments every ~15 minutes. In addition, when a truck enters or exits a stop area, ShipperGuide will automatically update the shipment’s check-in and out times with geofencing.


Manual check-in or out

Lastly, carriers can manually provide check-in or out timestamps directly on their shipment’s page.

1. On the shipment’s page, under the Pickup/Delivery section, click the check-in/out type.



2. A pop-up window will appear. Enter the stop's check-in/out date and time and click CONFIRM

Once confirmed the check-in-out timestamp, the shipment status will automatically update.


If the pickup/delivery check-in/out timestamps need to update, clickpasted_image_0__11_.png next to the appointment stop type.




Add driver’s last location

Lastly, carriers can provide shippers with the driver’s last location for a shipment, including the city, date, and time.

1. On the shipment page, expand the last location section.

2. Enter the city of the driver’s location and the date and time based on the driver’s timezone. Click

The driver’s location will be added to the shipment and shared with the shipper. Click the location update to remove the driver’s location from the shipment.

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