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How do I view and upload Shipment Documents?

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This article will cover how to view and upload shipment documents on the shipment’s page via the carrier portal for ShipperGuide.  

Carriers can access the shipment’s page by logging into their carrier portal ShipperGuide login or via their shipment information email sent the day of the scheduled pick-up. 

If accessing the shipment page from ShipperGuide email, click . This will take you directly to the shipment page. 



Accessing the shipment page the carrier portal login:

1. Login Carrier Portal side of ShipperGuide.

2. Click on My Loads.



3. From the My Loads page, click on Shipper Loads.



4. Select the shipment and scroll down to the bottom left side of the shipment page to the Documents section. From this section, the shipment documents actions available are:

  • View BOL
  • View Rate Confirmation
  • Upload Proof of Delivery
  • Upload Shipment Invoice


Click VIEW next to the shipment document (BOL or Rate Confirmation). The document will automatically open on another browser tab. 


Click UPLOAD next to Proof of Delivery or Shipment Invoice to upload documents to be shared to the shipper for this shipment.

  • Upload is limited to one file and must be in pdf, jpg, png format.



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