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How do I create a quote?

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The New Quote feature in ShipperGuide allows you to get a quote instantly, book with Loadsmart’s brokerage, or invite your carrier network to bid and get spot quotes, all within this ShipperGuide feature. This article will cover how to create an FTL quote on ShipperGuide.

If you need to create an LTL quote, please see the following article: How do I book an LTL quote?


To create a quote:

1. On your left dashboard, click New Quote.

2. Select and enter the quote details:

  • RequiredMode - default as FTL
  • RequiredEquipment - default as Dry Van
  • RequiredPickup Date - default three days from today if a pickup date is not selected. The estimated delivery date will be automatically calculated.
  • RequiredPickup and Delivery address, zip code, or facility -U.S. and Canadian addresses are supported
    • Enter the zip code or full address of the facility
    • Or select from an existing facility 
    • Or click Add new Facility, which will open a panel to add your new facility’s details and contact information.


  • Optional: Click + ADD STOP to add up two additional stops between the pickup and delivery.
    • Select the Stop Type for each additional stop added


  • Optional: Expand More Details to add commodity, weight, notes shared with the carrier and facility contact details to the quote. 
    • These details, if added, will transfer to the shipment once created. 

  • Optional: Expand Accessorials section to add additional services that will be needed for this quote. 


3. Click blobid0.png.

A rate will be returned from Loadsmart. Click Service Details to view the Loadsmart rating guidelines. Please notethat Loadsmart’s spot rate will expire after 24 hours.

If any contracted rates exist for the lane, those rates will be listed under the Loadsmart spot rate.


If you would like to book with Loadsmart, select the Loadsmart rate and click   to proceed.


If you would like to proceed with your contracted carrier, select the contracted rate and click .

If you would like to invite carriers from your network to bid, click .

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