How do I add/remove a user?

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This article will provide information on where to invite/remove users on your ShipperGuide account. New users will be assigned a standard role. Each company account is allowed 3 users.

Please contact our support team at if you would like to add additional users to your account.

Important: Users can only be invited by Admin users. Standard users will have view-only access to the Users page.

To add a new member:

1. Click mceclip0.png on the upper right corner of your page.

2. On your Settings page, click Users.

3. Click mceclip0.png

4. A pop-up window will display and enter the new user’s name and email address. Click mceclip4.png to send an invitation email to the user to set up their ShipperGuide account.


If the user has not received the email, click mceclip2.png next to the user to resend the email.


If you want to cancel the invitation/delete the user, click mceclip3.png to remove the user. Please note the delete actions are permanent and can not be undone.


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