What is ShipperGuide?

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The RFPGuide app is evolving to ShipperGuide!

ShipperGuide is Loadsmart's new single sign-on shipper platform that combines loadsmart.com and rfpguide.com functionalities into one unified shipper interface. You can now plan and procure contract ratespublish spot requests, and execute shipments all in one place. This will enhance your user experience and provide the conveniences of two shipper focus platforms into one centralized space.


The new platform will provide two tiered levels of services to users: free services which encompass services formally hosted on loadsmart.com and paid services which includes all the services provided by rfpguide.com platform.


What does this mean for current RFPGuide Users?

If you are a current RFPGuide user, nothing changes! You get to keep all the same features as before with a new interface and under the new ShipperGuide brand. To access ShipperGuide just use the same username and password you used before.


All Customer Support channels will remain the same and you will still be able to reach out to our team via email, chat, or ticket form with any questions regarding RFPs or any of the ShipperGuide features. 

Have any questions? Send your request to us during our business hours (Mon-Fri from 8am-5pm Chicago time). Or feel free to contact us anytime at https://community.loadsmart.com/hc/en-us.

We are excited to introduce ShipperGuide platform services to you and thank you for being a part of this journey with us! We would love to hear from you and any feedback you may have regarding your experience using the ShipperGuide platform. 

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