Empty Miles

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Empty miles are generated automatically when a new load is created.

After a user selects the driver that has a truck assigned, Carrier TMS calculates the distance between the new pick-up location and one of the following truck locations: 

  • The last drop-off location of a load assigned to the same truck.
    The previous load must have a status of bookeddispatched, or active for it to be considered for the calculation. Therefore, having a different status will exclude it from this result.
  • If the previous rule does not find a load, the system will try to find the last known position of the truck from its breadcrumbs. No position will be returned if the organization does not have an ELD integration installed or the truck has no breadcrumbs recorded.

Once the truck is connected to an ELD, the system automatically calculates the empty miles (truck’s location to origin). Users can manually update the Empty Miles field:

Important: If no positions are found in these two cases, the empty miles will be set to zero.

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