Opendock Nova Release | Beta Version 1.11.3

  • Updated
1. Appointment Drag & Drop in Day View (1st version) 
  • This allows you to reschedule the appointment to a new appointment time within the same day. - - Rescheduling in the Week View will be available soon (2nd version).
  • This also allows you to change the assigned dock of the appointment. Keep in mind that the dock you are reassigning the appointment to must support the same load type.

2. Ability to Edit Appointment Duration from the Grid
  • You can now change the duration of the appointment by clicking on the bottom of the appointment tile and dragging it to increase or decrease the appointment duration.
    - This is available in Day View only (1st version).
    - The ability to edit the duration from the appointment model will be available soon (2nd version).
  • You are also now able to edit the duration of the reserve times by clicking the bottom of the reserve title and dragging it to your desired duration.
3. Max Carrier Lead Time
  • If your warehouse is set up for carrier scheduling, you can now restrict how far out a carrier can schedule an appointment.
    - This is done at the dock level by going to the Warehouses Page > Edit Warehouse > Docks Tab > Edit Dock > "Prevent Carriers from Scheduling..."



4. Hide Load Types from Carriers
  • If your warehouse is set up for carrier scheduling, you can now restrict which load types a carrier is allowed to select when scheduling an appointment.
    - This is done at the load type level by going to the Load Types Page > Edit the Load Type > Adjust the "Load Type Available For Carrier Scheduling" Toggle.
    - Some warehouse users have requested this feature in order to have a "Work-in" load type and assign it to a "Work-In" dock that only warehouse users can schedule appointments for.


5. Ability to Edit Load Type Duration
  • You can now edit the Load Type's default appointment duration.
    - Keep in mind, that this will not change any existing appointment durations. It only allows you to change the default appointment duration for all new appointments created moving forward.



6. 72,000 Carrier Profiles Imported Into Nova
  • The 72,000 carrier users that have registered via have been imported into's carrier contact list.
  • To prevent duplicate carrier profiles, we have made Nova's carrier contact list global. 
  • Keep in mind, that the carriers are uniquely identified by their email address. We highly recommend using the Carrier Favorites feature to help you easily find your frequently used carrier profiles.



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