Opendock Nova Release | Version 1.47.27

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1. Display First Two Custom Appointment Fields
We will now display your first two custom appointment fields on the appointment tile! Note: this is determined by your appointment fields sort order under the warehouse's settings.




2. New Reporting Page!
There is now a Reporting tab to allow you to save and export your own basic reports. You can find this on the Insights page. This is just the beginning of our reporting capabilities!



3. Quick Status Change
You can now quickly change the status of an appointment by right-clicking on the appointment tile!

4. Disable Carrier Scheduling by Warehouse
If your organization has been added to our warehouse directory via the carrier portal, you can now hide/disable a specific location from carrier scheduling.

You can find this preference on the warehouse's settings page under Carrier View Scheduling Restriction.



5. Preview Carrier Experience
If you decide to allow carriers to self-schedule appointments at your facility, you can now easily see what their scheduling experience is like!

Note: You can walk through each step of your facility's carrier view landing page. But keep in mind that you will not be permitted to finalize an appointment from this view.



6. Experimental "Overbooking" Dock Setting
We’ve added an experimental “Overbooking” feature to allow users (including carriers) to overbook an unlimited number of appointments at a dock as long as it's within the dock's & warehouse's open hours.

Note of Caution: Please use this setting carefully! Once enabled, the dock will allow an unlimited number of appointments to be scheduled within the dock's and warehouse's open hours.

If you would like to restrict the carrier from overbooking, you'll need to hide/disable carrier scheduling for the dock. 



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