Opendock Nova Release | Version V2.28.1

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1. Confirmation Number
We have received a lot of feedback about the Appointment ID being too long and overly complex. So we have created a different identifier called a "Confirmation Number". This number will not replace the original Appointment ID, but rather can be used as a human-friendly, numeric identifier (e.g. when speaking over the phone). Please continue using the original Appointment ID when building API integrations. Read more here.



2. Mute Individual Appointment Notifications
You now have the ability to mute an individual appointment's notifications! When the alert bell is turned off, the appointment will no longer trigger emails. When it's turned on, the carrier, list of email subscribers, and the user that created the appointment will continue to receive all notifications. Read more here



3. Appointment Status Color Improvements
We received awesome feedback about the colors of the appointment statuses being too indistinguishable from each other. So we've improved their contrast to ensure that users can tell the difference between the 5 statuses (Scheduled, Arrived, Completed, No Show, Canceled).



4. [List View] Print Appointments
You can now print your appointments, two appointments per page, under the List View on the Appointments page. Read more here



5. Add a Carrier's ETA
Two releases ago we added the ability for Carrier users to alert the Warehouse Users of their Driver's Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA). We have now made this feature available for the Warehouse User too. When adding an ETA, the system will automatically add an "ETA: Late", "ETA: Early", or "ETA: OnTime" tag on the appointment. No email notifications will be triggered when the ETA is added or updated at this time. Read more here





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