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1. What is Opendock?

Opendock is a centralized SaaS dock scheduling platform focused on solving the problems of trucks waiting in the yard by allowing carriers and brokers to book dock appointments with warehouses online. Warehouses purchase the platform to manage appointment availability, track workflow, and provide online scheduling to carriers.

2. How does it work?

1. Warehouses create available time slots based on # of docks, loading time, equipment needed and labor.
2. Carriers go to to schedule an appointment with the warehouse and provide PO #, pallet counts, etc.
3. Appointment shows up on the warehouse's schedule and a confirmation e-mail sent to carrier.
4. Carrier arrives at warehouse, checks in, promptly unloaded and departing for next shipment.

3. As a warehouse admin, how do I sign up for a free demo?

To schedule a free demo for our warehouse admins, please go to demo request and fill out your information. Someone will be in touch with you shorty.

4. As a carrier/broker, how do I sign up for a free account?

1. Go to
2. Click “Register for FREE”.
3. Register with a valid e-mail address and create a password.
4. You should receive a verification email from to finalize your registration.
5. Once your email has been verified, you can log into your account and schedule appointments.

5. Why did I not get the registration email?

There may be a fire wall on your email server preventing you from receiving the email. Please check your spam/junk folder. If not there, please try adding to your email contacts, then visit and request a new link.

6. Why did I not receive the password reset?

Please double check the spelling of your email address. If you are still not receiving the email, check your spam/junk folder and try adding to your safe email contacts, then visit and request a new link.

7. When registering for an account, why does it say that my email has already been taken?

An email address may only be used once. If you are receiving that error, please click Forgot Password on the login page to request a password reset email.

8. How do I find a warehouse?

Once logged in, the page will default to the Warehouse Search page. You may currently search by name, address, city, and/or state.
Example: Essendant MN, 55428.

9. Can I book with warehouses that aren't clients of Opendock?

In short, no.
We decided to discontinue this feature due to low usage. If there is a warehouse that you would like to see on Opendock, please feel free to contact support by chatting with us or submitting a request at

10. How do I schedule an appointment using Opendock?

It’s easy to schedule appointments using Opendock. Just find your warehouse, and click the "Schedule" button. You’ll automatically be placed into the warehouse’s scheduling page. If you don’t see your target warehouse, try altering what you typed into the search box. For example, if you typed in “Tulsa, OK,” and didn't find your warehouse, try typing in “Tulsa”. If you still can’t find your warehouse, feel free to chat with us for help!
See additional information by visiting our Knowledge Base.

11. Can I update appointments from Opendock?

Yes, you can update document-related data, such as PO or BOL numbers, by going to the "My Appointments" page and searching for the appointment by date. Once you find the appointment, click on it to expand the appointment details. Then click the "Edit" button on the field you would like to edit. Once you are finished editing, click "Save". The warehouse will be notified with your changes.

12. Can I see past appointments?

Yes, just click on the calendar icon in the "My Appointments" page to select any past or future date. The appointments from that date will then display. Note, however, that you cannot update past appointments but you can export them into a CSV file by clicking the "Export" button on the top right corner of the page.


If you have other questions or feature ideas, feel free to chat with us or submit a request at

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