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The Insights page is a quick dashboard where you can look at your overall data for your organization. Warehouse users are able to: 

  • Adjust the date range
  • Drill into one facility at a time
  • Adjust the view from stacked to grid view
  • Download graphs as a SVG, PNG, or CSV file format


Appointments by Dock by Day of Week (including parallel capacity)


Appointments by Load Type by Day of Week


Appointments Status by Dock (including parallel capacity)

Appointments by Time of the Day


Last 14 Days Appointment Counts

This report is hard-coded and will always show the insights from the last 14 days.


Appointments by Carrier


Average Appointment Duration by Load Types in Minutes


Average Dwell Time in Minutes

Dwell time is the length of time a person spends waiting at a dock. To obtain these results, you need to select a dock. The system will display the results as soon as it has enough data.

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