Using the Reference Number

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What is a Reference Number

The reference number is the reference you can request for carriers when they're scheduling an appointment. This can be renamed to "PO number," "BOL number," etc.  

The Reference Number settings are located under the My Organization and Warehouses tab.

If it isn't changed, that is what users see when scheduling the appointment through the Admin site: 



That is what carriers see: 


Show Reference Number Field

Enables the reference number field to appear on appointments.


Reference Number Display Name

Changing the display name will change both the Admin site and the Carrier View.


Reference Number Helper Text

Provides an example of what the reference numbers should look like.



Require Reference Number Field

Enforces the warehouse to include a reference number to make an appointment.


Require Unique Reference Number 

Enforces each warehouse to have a unique reference number to make an appointment. This will only be enforced on Scheduled, Arrived, and Completed appointments. Uniqueness will not be enforced on Cancelled or NoShow appointments.

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