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User Roles

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What Are The Different Users Roles 

When adding a new user, you need to select which level of user role permissions to grant.

1. Owner: (All Permissions)

  • There must be a minimum of one Owner in an Org
  • Has full control over the account
  • Can create, edit, and delete any object in the organization except carrier contacts and carrier companies

2. Admin: (Create/Delete Warehouses, Docks, Load Types, Users)

    • Can do everything an Operator can do plus:
      • Create, edit, and delete Warehouses, Docks, Load Types, and appointment Fields
      • Create, edit & delete users who are equal to or lower than their role (Admin, Operator, Attendant, or Spectator)

3. Operator: (Create Appointments & Users)

    • Can do everything an Attendant can do plus:
      • Create and delete appointments and reserved time slots
      • Create new carrier contacts and carrier companies (but cannot edit)

4. Attendant: (Edit Appointments)

    • Can do everything a Spectator can do plus:
      • Edit appointments (but not create)

5. Spectator: (View Only)

    • Can view (but not edit) any object in the system which includes:
      • Organization
      • Warehouses
      • Docks
      • Load Types
      • Appointments
      • Users


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