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Add Users to your Org

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What Is A User

A User is someone who has an account profile in Opendock. This could be a warehouse administrator or a carrier contact. 


How to Invite a Warehouse User to your Org

  1. Click the ‘Users’ page on the left
  2. Click the 'Invite User' button
  3. Fill out first and last name
  4. Include the email address
  5. Select the User Role level
  6. You can restrict the User permissions to specific warehouses 
  7. Click the Invite User button


Note: Clarification on Unique User Email Addresses

A User's email address is their username in order to log into the system. Usernames must be unique to properly identify individuals. Therefore, in order to create a new user, their email address must not already be taken in the system as either a warehouse user or a carrier user.

This email address needs to be valid in order for the user to receive the verification and password reset notifications. The user's email will also receive appointment notifications for all appointments that they create.

Please reach out to us at if you need to create a user who does not have a valid email address. We may be able to help with a workaround.


After you have invited your new user, they will receive an invite email.  


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