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Enable/Disable Specific Notifications

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Warehouse users are now able to mute the email notifications for a particular appointment. When doing this, neither the warehouse nor the carrier will receive the notifications. An appointment can be muted during the scheduling process or afterwards. 


Note: if the 'Org Appointment Notifications' option is set as NO, the option to mute/unmute a single appointment will be unavailable. When the Org setting is re-enabled, the appointment's original mute state with be restored.  



When scheduling the appointment

  1. Follow the steps to schedule the appointment 
  2. Prior to finalizing it, see the toggle at the bottom of the screen
  3. The option chosen will be automatically saved 
  4. Click 'Create' to finalize 


When updating the appointment

  1. Select the appointment through the List View or Calendar Grid
  2. See the bell icon at the top
  3. Click to disable the future notifications 

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