Canceling Appointments

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Can I always cancel my appointment?

No. Some warehouses may restrict the number of hours carriers can cancel prior to the appointment time. If it's the case, please contact the warehouse directly to cancel your appointment.mceclip0.png


Steps to cancel an appointment:

  1. Click the ‘My Appointments’ tab
  2. Select a date range and click ‘Apply’
  3. Click on the appointment that needs to be canceled
  4. Click the red 'Cancel Appointment' button
    • Note: Some warehouses may not allow cancellations up to a certain number of hours/days before the appointment. Also, some warehouses may require a cancellation reason.
  5. Some warehouses require a cancellation reason. Fill in the cancel reason and click "Cancel Appointment"

The warehouse will be immediately notified of the cancellation. The appointment will still show up in the carrier's list of appointments. However, the appointment status will now show 'Canceled' to the warehouse and the carrier.




If you scheduled with a Nova warehouse, the steps are different. 

A Nova warehouse has the following sticker below its address: 


How to cancel a Nova appointment:

  1. Click the ‘Schedule’ tab
  2. Click on the 'My Appointments' at the top right
  3. Search for the appointment you'd like to edit (you may search by ID or date)
  4. Click on the eye icon on the right 
    Note: Only future appointments can be edited.
  5. Click the 'Cancel' button at the bottom 
  6. You may enter a reason or not


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