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Adding Custom Appointment Fields

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Custom Appointment Fields 

Custom appointment fields are data points/attributes that can be used to collect additional information about the appointment. These fields can be created and managed under the Warehouse page > Appointment Fields tab.

How to Create Appointment Fields

  1. Click 'Warehouses' on the left menu
  2. Edit the warehouse
  3. Select the Appointment Fields tab on the top right of the page
  4. Click on Create Field
  5. Add Field Label
    • Example: This could be Supplier, # of Pallets, PO Number, etc
  6. Add a description of the field if applicable*
  7. Select the Field Type from the drop-down
  8. Determine if the field should be required or not
    • Note: If set to required, all users in Opendock must fill in the information
  9. Determine if the field should be hidden from carriers (i.e. an internal field)

*The description is shown on the carrier view with a ? icon. 

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