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Creating/Deleting Recurring Reserves

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Schedule a Recurring Reserve as a Warehouse user 

After a reserve has been created: 

    1. Open the reserve window, click theScreen_Shot_2022-08-10_at_1.50.24_PM.pngicon on the top right
    2. Choose the respective days the reserve will occur
    3. Choose how far out to schedule the recurring series
    4. Click create recurrence

Delete a Recurring Reserve as a Warehouse user

After the recurring reserve series has been created: 

  1. From the appointment window or the appointment grid, click theScreen_Shot_2022-08-10_at_1.50.24_PM.pngicon
  2. This will open another modal that allows deleting the series
  3. Choose delete series

Please note: All past reserves in the series will not be deleted. Only future reserves will be deleted.

Note: currently users cannot edit the recurring series.

A Recurring Reserve Series can be created for a maximum of 105 weeks out (~2 years).


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