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Appointment Statuses

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Nova does not support custom statuses, instead, they are hard-coded. See below the options: 


1. Requested (Optional)

This status needs to be enabled on the My Organization tab or under a specific Warehouse. Select "Requested" on 'Status for newly created appointments'. 

Any appointments made on the carrier or warehouse websites will be marked as "Requested," and the warehouse staff will have the option to approve or decline them.

  • To approve an appointment, click on "approve and schedule."
  • To decline an appointment, click on "cancel appointment" located at the bottom.


The appointment made via carrier view will also show as 'Requested' until it is denied or approved. 



Important Note: This is an OPTIONAL status that happens to also be a "starting" status. I.e. an appointment can optionally be created in the "Requested" status. If you'd like your appointments to automatically be created as "Requested", change the Org setting accordingly. If you'd like the original behavior (default) of creating appointments in the "Scheduled" status, leave the setting as it was. Note that changing this setting has no bearing on existing appointments - it simply controls what status any NEW appointments are created in.


2. Scheduled

The scheduled status means the warehouse is currently waiting for the carrier to arrive. Under 'Schedule', warehouses can track in/out times by adding the carrier ETA. See here for details. 


Note: the grid will display a difference between the Requested and Scheduled statuses.

5. Requested & Scheduled Visual Change.png


3. Arrived

This status is used when the carrier has arrived at the dock. Under 'Arrived', warehouse users may track in/out times. See here for details. 


4. In Progress

The "In Progress" status will display the total time between "Arrived" and "In Progress" on the Status Timeline. This is defined as the "Wait Time" to help you understand how long a carrier waited after they arrived at your facility.

CleanShot 2023-08-30 at 13.16.53@2x.png

This status needs to be enabled on the My Organization tab or under a specific Warehouse. Select "In Progress" on "The status that follows 'Arrived' is". 

In TV Mode, the "Processing" time will also be displayed. This is the amount of time that has elapsed since the appointment was marked "In Progress". This is to help your team see how long they have been working on an appointment. A countdown clock will also be displayed on the right side to show the time remaining based on the appointment's duration.


5. Completed

This status means the loading/unloading ended and the appointment has been completed. Warehouse users may also add the exact time the appointment has finished by clicking the pencil icon. 



6. Canceled

On Nova, neither the carrier nor the warehouse can undo the canceled status. The canceled appointment cannot be edited or rescheduled. 


Canceled appointments are visually indicated as gray on the calendar grid: 


7. No Show

Users may change the status to 'No Show' when the appointment is as 'scheduled'. 



Undoing status

Users have the option to undo the previous status. 

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