Adding the Carrier ETA

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The new feature allows the warehouse and/or the carrier to add the ETA on an appointment. 

ETA added by the warehouse

  1. Open the appointment through the calendar grid 
  2. Click on 'Arriving Early' or 'Running Late'
  3. Type the date and time of the new ETA
  4. Click 'Save'

The appointment will be updated automatically. 

You may edit the ETA if something changes. Simply open the appointment again and click on the pencil icon. 

Note: the ETA will only be editable when the appointment is in the "Scheduled" status. 


ETA added by the carrier

Carriers can add the ETA on their portal. Check this article for details

Carriers are requested to give a reason when they provide an ETA, and this information is recorded in the Audit Log. 


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