Assigning Load Types to the Dock

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How to Assign Load Types to Your Dock

Every Dock must be assigned one or more Load Types that it services. 

Note: the Load Type needs to be created first and then assigned to the specific dock. Please see the instructions on how to set up your Load Type.

  1. Go to the Warehouses page
  2. Select the Warehouse by clicking the edit icon on the right 
  3. On the top, select 'Docks' 
  4. If you have already created the dock, click the pencil icon on the right to edit it. If not, you will be required to add a load type by the time you create it. 
  5. Under the 'Dock Name', you will be able to select the load type on the drop-down
  6. After selecting the load types, click 'Save Dock' at the bottom


Note: a message will be displayed on the carrier portal in case no load type has been added to a dock.


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