Adding Docks

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How to Add a Dock

After setting up your warehouse info and your operating hours, it is time to add a dock. 

  1. Click on the 'Create Dock' button
  2. Choose the Dock name 
  3. Choose the Dock number (optional)
  4. Assign the Load Types that this Dock services
  5. You may add instructions to the dock
  6. Set Carrier Scheduling Restrictions:
    • Set a minimum amount of hours required between the booking of an appointment and the appointment itself
    • Control how far in advance carriers can schedule appointments
  7. Email Subscribers:
    • You can add email addresses that will be notified when an appointment is created or changed on this dock
  8. You can add tags to this dock 
  9. Set the hours that the dock is available to accept appointments by clicking on the individual 30-minute tiles. You may create a specific schedule for the dock or copy the warehouse's operating hours. The dock's open hours must be within the warehouse's hours of operation. Users will not be able to schedule appointments outside of warehouse hours
  10. Click 'Save Dock' at the bottom 

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