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History Of Opendock Nova

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Why was Opendock Nova Created?

Opendock Nova was created as a solution to the limitations of the existing appointment scheduling software in the logistics and dock delivery industry. The project was started by a team headed by the Director of R&D, Shafik Amin, in 2018 at AppointmentPlus.


He worked directly with the Founder/CEO of AppointmentPlus, Bob Laloggia. Their vision was to create a more efficient system that would cater to the needs of the dock scheduling industry.  Shafik was joined by Jeff Booth, Colissa Pollard, and Chris Anderson, who were hired onto the tech team to support the project in 2019.


The team quickly realized that the existing AppointmentPlus system was not flexible enough to accommodate their logistics clients' needs, and so they decided to start from scratch and build a new system from the ground up, believing they were in a prime position to support the dock scheduling industry.


This led to the creation of Opendock Nova, with the name Nova symbolizing the team's confidence that the Opendock project would shine bright in the industry, just like a supernova and as such, it quickly gained recognition for its innovative and rapid development approach to product software development.


Why did Loadsmart Aquire Opendock?

After working closely with the Opendock team on a custom integration project, Loadsmart, a leading tech brokerage company, decided to aquire Opendock in August 2021. Loadsmart recognized the passion that the team had for rapid innovation and the excitement that its customers had for how user friendly and intuitive the new system was. With Loadsmart's and our users's support, Opendock has become a successful and impactful company in the logistics and dock delivery industry today and is rapidly growing each year.


Why is AppointmentPlus being deprecated?

AppointmentPlus, was  acquired by Daysmart in December of 2020. There is a contractual agreement between Daysmart and Loadsmart stating that Daysmart will no longer support any logistics accounts in 2023. The Opendock team is working diligently on migrating existing clients off of the legacy system and onto Opendock Nova, because AppointmentPlus will be deprecated for all users.

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