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Migrating to Nova

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Migrating to Nova is easy, quick, and will provide your users and carriers with a better experience!

See the steps below to change your system from Legacy to Nova.  

1. Fill out the Nova Demo Registration form:

2. Your Customer Success Analyst will reach out to schedule a remote Demo. Nova has been designed to be really intuitive and customers are usually comfortable with the new system in 1 hour.  

3. Once you agree to migrate to Nova, we will assign a Migration Specialist to your account.  This specialist will email you their calendar link to schedule a kick-off call.

4. In this meeting with your Migration Specialist, we can answer any specific questions you have and agree on a potential go-live date. 

5. In advance of the go-live date, the Migration Specialist can get your new Nova account set up and bring your existing warehouses, docks, users, and appointments over into your new account.

6. If you are sending carriers to schedule appointment through the carrier portal, their user experience will stay the same! So no need to worry about retraining them. However, if you are sharing the direct booking link we will work to make sure your migration is seamless for your carrier users too.

7. It’s that simple. Please schedule your initial demo today so you can start to enjoy all of the new and enhanced features Nova has to offer: 

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