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What is Opendock Nova?

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Opendock is an online dock appointment scheduling tool. Facilities such as warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing plants use it to organize their docks and schedule appointments for outbound pickups and inbound deliveries. 


Most importantly, Opendock allows carriers to schedule appointments online for a facility based on their actual availability in our carrier portal.  This eliminates e-mails, phone calls, calendars, spreadsheets, and first come first serve.  There is no cost to carriers and they can register, sign in, and find their facility by going to


There are 2 versions of Opendock for facilities today:

  • Opendock Nova
  • Opendock Legacy

Opendock Nova is our current version of the software with a great user interface, simple in/out time tracking, reporting, and more.  This is the product used by all new Opendock customers. 

Opendock Legacy is our previous version of the software that was hosted by AppointmentPlus/DaySmart and still supports hundreds of warehouses as they work towards migrating their facilities to Opendock Nova by the end of 2023.


Whether your facility is using Opendock Nova or Legacy, carriers can find it and schedule it with ease in their carrier portal.  Carriers do not have to use different interfaces or create different logins based on the system.  This simplicity and ease of use are why carriers love when facilities switch to Opendock because they usually already have an account set up for their other facilities.

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