How Do I Tell My Carriers About Opendock?

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You have configured your new Opendock warehouse account including load types, duration, and hours of operation.  Now you need to tell your carriers.  So, how does it work?

Opendock scheduling is extremely simple for carriers.  In most cases, it requires minimal explanation beyond letting carriers know they need to go to  In case there are still questions, below you will find several tools and additional information you can provide to carriers to help transition them to the Opendock process.



Existing Carriers

Initially we recommend sending out a proactive communication to all existing carriers through e-mail letting them know your warehouse is now using dock appointment scheduling through Opendock. 

Click Here for our Opendock Carrier Communication E-mail Template with Instructions

This will serve as a good starting point for your existing carriers to transition from your previous system whether it be first come first serve, phone calls, e-mails, or another dock scheduling system.


New Carriers

As your facility works with new carriers you will need to let them know they can schedule with your facility via Opendock. You can send the same e-mail template for existing carriers; however, we have tried to make it easy enough where simply telling them to go to will be enough for them to get registered and locate your warehouse for scheduling.

Opendock is currently used by the largest carriers and brokers today, so there should be an existing familiarity without much explanation required. This will continue to improve as we expand our network.

If your carrier still requires more information, here are brief instructions that can be included in your communication:

  • Go to
  • Click “Register for FREE”
  • Enter your name and e-mail and create a password
  • Click the “Find Warehouse” button and search for “____________”
  • Click the Schedule button


Formal Training

This is not required and typically only used for partners or program resellers providing a more thorough walkthrough for their teams.


This provides a detailed walk through including screenshots for:

  • Account registration
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Searching and editing appointments
  • Updating favorites and carrier profiles

Providing this walk through can help with online training or webinars for multiple carriers simultaneously or shared with carriers who are less comfortable with new systems.


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